A Work of Joy Takes Lucifer’s Turn: Firecrackers in the Fire

A Carelessness Towards safety caused Life's of innocent

In a conflagration that broke out on Wednesday at the Barsa firecracker factory in Khari village in Balaghat, about 440 km southeast of Bhopal.

Rescuers try to douse the fire after an explosion in a firecracker factory in Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh.

The Death toll in the conflagration at a firecracker factory in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat rose to 25 today on Thursday 20thOctober, 2022, as two of the injured who were sent to Nagpur for treatment capitulate to their injuries.

Addressing to the media, Balaghat superintendent of police Amit Sanghi confirmed the deaths.

“On Wednesday night, two of the six injured, sent to Nagpur for treatment, capitulate to their injuries”, he said.

Sanghi said an FIR has been lodged under section 304 of the Indian Penal Code that deals with culpable homicide against factory owner Waheed Ahmed Warsi, who was absconding.

The fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon after an explosion at the Barsa firecracker factory in Khari village in Balaghat, about 440 km southeast of Bhopal. Twenty-three people were killed on Wednesday.

People carry out rescue work near the site of the blast at a firecracker factory at Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh.

The deceased were laborers who were working at the factory when the explosion took place. Due to the explosion, fire engulfed the factory within a short time, giving the workers no time to escape.

Bharat Yadav, the collector for Balaghat, stated that it was impossible to determine the cause of the explosion right away and that an investigation had been launched.

Such an incidence has occurred in Madhya Pradesh before this year. A firecracker factory operating illegally inside a house in Seonda, Datia district, was destroyed by an explosion in April, killing six members of a family and injuring many more.

Five people died later that same month in an Indore fire that started at a cracker shop.