Accidents On Newly Inaugurated, Waterlogged Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway; Public Outrage Broke on PM

Prime Minister inaugurated the Bengluru-Mysuru highway a week before and the highway is witnessing waterlogging. due to which accidents are taking place

Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway

Waterlogging at Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi inaugurated the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway on March 12. It has not even been a week for the same and the highway is witnessing waterlogging. After mild rainfall the night before, the road is filled with water.

The flooding near an underpass near Sangabasavana Doddi between Ramanagara and Bidadi led to chaos as vehicles were spotted stuck in traffic jams. Also, The same expressway was flooded after heavy rainfall in August 2023. At that time, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways had inspected the matter.

Cases of Accidents

Many accidents took place on the highway due to the inundation. The clogged water under the bridge on the highway lead to a series of bumper-to-bumper accidents. Along with this, the traffic also slowed down resulting in public anger.

While explaining the condition of the expressway, Vikas, a commuter said, “My Maruti Swift car was half submerged in the waterlogged underbridge. It switched off, and a lorry approaching from behind rammed into my car. Who will be held responsible for this? I am requesting Chief Minister Bommai to get my car repaired. PM Modi inaugurated the highway, did he even check with his road and transport ministry whether the road was ready for the inauguration? Should we suffer for the sake of vote bank politics? They demand a whopping toll fee, what’s the use?”

Another commuter, Nagaraju expressed his concerns by saying, “Soon after water started filling the under the bridge, multiple accidents were reported. First was mine… and then there were a series of bumper-to-bumper accidents involving seven to eight vehicles. There is no space for water to recede. If there’s news of the PM’s arrival, they would clear this water logging in 10 minutes. Can’t you see that the common man is suffering? Who’s responsible for this?”

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Government explains the condition of Bengaluru-Mysuru Highway

In an explanation of the incident, National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) project director B T Sridhar said, “We had left space for drains but some of the villagers blocked the drains with mud which resulted in flooding. We are clearing it and the road will be open as usual.”