Are BJP MP Manoj Tiwari & Nishikant Dubey accused of the forcing entry?

A letter tells so. As per the letter MP Manoj Tiwari & Nishikant Dubey accused of the forcing entry into ATC. It also blames seven others for doing so.

The letter is from Deoghar DC which is addressed to the Principal Secretory, Cabinet-Coordination (Civil Aviation), Jharkhand with the explanation over the entire matter. Dated 2nd of September, 2022 the letter states after boarding the plane, the pilot was seen coming  out of the plane walking towards the ATC.

An FIR also has been lodged against Bharatiya Janata Party Member of Parliament Manoj Tiwari and Nishikant Dubey. A total number of nine individual are mentioned in the registered report including Dubey’s two sons, Deoghar airport director with four more people.

On August 31 allegedly these people took a ‘forceful’ clearance from the Air Traffic Control (ATC)  for take-off from Deoghar airport. One more fact this reports brings into notice that there is no ‘night take-off or landing facility’ there.

Two days back on the 1st of September, Kunda police station on received the complaint from the security Incharge, Suman Anand about the incident. As per the Security Incharge, these people deliberately violated all ‘safety standards’ while entering the ATC cabin. They also pressurized the officials for clearance to take-off .

In accordance with the Station Incharge, Kunda Police Station, Pravin Kumar, nine individual along with the airport director were booked under IPC sections 336 (against endangering life or personal safety of others), 447 (against criminal trespass), 448 (against house-trespass).”