Be a Dainty Diva this Chhath Puja with our Pro Fashion Styling & Make-Up Tips!!

Bharat Express’s Divyaa Kumaar,  had an informal chat  with Fashion Connoisseur, Wedding Designer and Co – Founder of One Million Wedding , Disha Gaur to get you to look your best on this auspicious occasion.

Disha was very excited and gave us many ideas to look pleasing while pleasing Chhati Maiyya.

For the choice of  Colour Scheme in your outfit our expert fashionista had these pro tips in keeping with the occasion and tradition :

Wear auspicious colours; Mainly

Red for happiness & good fortune.

Orange the colour of creativity and a significant colour for religious occasions

Yellow for wisdom, glory, harmony and happiness.

Pink for charm, sensitivity and

Green for fertility, positivity & happiness

Pro Styling Tip : You could mix Red,  Orange And  Yellow in one single outfit . Eg. red saree with a yellow-orange blouse  Or Go all green Or all pink : Monochromatic (Single tone colour scheme )  screams volumes in fashion terms

Wear your Saree like a pro to get in the water :

Opt for nude coloured intimates (innerwear), for when u get in the water this will avoid any fashion mishaps

Drape your saree at your barefoot length, so it’s easier when in water.

       Must Do : Be sure to carry your towel if u plan to go and pray in                               the water

     Must avoid : Leather in your clothing

Pro Make – up tips :

Wear water-proof makeup

Instead of a powder blush go for a cheek tint. This will help maintain the rosiness & won’t wear off.

Check if your mascara smudges in water before u apply it on the day

Be sure to use a fixer. If not then simply ice your face once you have finished your makeup; this will work magic.

 Hair Styling : Tie your hair in a soft bun with a beautiful baby breath flower or any other flower of your choice on the crown of your head.

Accessories :

Avoid too many jewellery pieces, instead opt for statement earrings as that part won’t be submerged in the water .

Avoid any accessories that could be sharp.

Fashion with Comfort :

Since you might be fasting make sure to go for an outfit that is easy yet traditional. So you might not go for the saree that day  and instead can opt for a lehenga & drape the dupatta like a pallu or even get a stitched saree.

You can also try the Sharara- Salwar Suit depending on your setting.

Disha also suggested light heartedly that the best accessory is to always wear a smile and welcome all colours of the sun with open arms SRK Style.


I couldn’t agree more with her , as I too believe when in doubt use the KISS formula!!

Keep it Sweet/Simple and Smiling!!

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Have a fashion filled and blessed Chhath Puja ladies!!