Bengaluru Flood: Boats on roads with jams all around

This is happening second time in a week here. The streets tell the story aloud.
This is all about Bengaluru Rains. The arterial Bengaluru streets are seen inundated today keeping apartments’ basements flooded due to the excessive rains of the yester night.
The visuals through the visual media are showing buses stuck in the middle of the flooded Old Airport Road on the national television screens.
Waterlogged areas of the state capital along with the roads submerged following heavy overnight rainfall are seen stuck with traffic jams. Traffic police has to work hard to support people on streets where important junctions in the city are surrounded with the jams.
This kind of sever waterlogging is occurring for the second time this week where the streets of the Karnataka state capital is suffering badly.
Subsequently, traffic department had to issue advisory urging residents to avoid going out other than being in the situation of an emergency. People have also been asked not to send their kids to school.