Bomb Threat in Indian Air Space witnesses alert with IAF scrambling

The bomb threat may also be a highjack case which is not yet clear

This is the morning’s breaking with an apparent threat of a bomb in an Iranian passenger jet bound to China in the Indian airspace. The news followed air alert with prompt scrambling of Indian Air Force jets.

The Bomb threat onboard China-bound Iranian passenger jet over Indian airspace; IAF jets scrambled. The security agencies are monitoring the plane while Iranian jet is seen flying towards China now. This is also being speculated as a case of hijack which is not yet confirmed.

The news originally arrived from a news agency, revealing that while the passenger aircraft was heading to China, an alert suddenly cautioned Indian Airforce. The alert was shared probably through the people or crew sitting in the Iranian plane when it was entering into Indian airspace.

Being the nature of bomb threat in the aircraft still unknown, Indian Air Force has pressed fighter jets Sukhoi-30MKI from Jodhpur and Jodhpur airbases.

The Mahan Air flight, which was in Indian airspace when the airline received the bomb threat, was denied permission to land in India due to technical reasons.

As per sources it is Mahan Air flight (IRM081) which was on its way from Iran to China reportedly sought permission to land in Delhi but for some technical reason it was diverted to Jaipur.

Indian Air Traffic Control has also shared info regarding the bomb threat when the China-bound plane arrived within the Indian airspace. Fighter jets from two airbases were scrambled to intercept the flight and then from here on the next update is still awaited.

The Mahan Air contacted the Air Traffic Controller at the Delhi airport after receiving a bomb threat and request for an immediate landing at Delhi. For some inevitable reasons, the permission would not be given and the Delhi ATC suggested the aircraft to go to Jaipur. Then the aircraft pilot refused and left Indian airspace -this is something looks a little suspicious on the flight’s part.