MiG, Not Again! : The series goes on with another crash

The question is when the MiGs keep crashing, than what is the point keeping them in the IAF?

The breaking belongs to MiG. The MiG 29K fighter aircraft again today crashed this time over sea on the Goa coast.

Finding the MiG again crashing, an immediate enquiry has been set up. The BOI (Board of Inquiry) is ordered for probing the cause of the crashing. When MiG 29K being a fighter aircraft crashes, it is a matter of grave concern.

World’s eyes are on Indian Navy and when such things not only happen but keep happening, the message goes across the globe. And today again MiG-29K crashes during sortie off Goa.

A swift search for the pilot succeeded soon and he was recovered in stable condition, says the navy sources.

Though more details over the accident are awaited, but this indeed is an eye-opening incident and the Defense Minister must immediately take note of it.

The statement from Indian Navy clarified that the aircraft’s technical malfunction is responsible for the unfortunate incident. crash happened due while returning to base.

The info on Twitter by the official Twitter handle of the Indian Navy about the incident says, -“During a routine sortie over the sea off Goa an MiG 29K encountered a technical malfunction while returning to base. Through a swift SAR operation the pilot has been recovered safely who is now in stable condition. An investigation over the cause of the accident has been ordered by the BoI”.