Dev Anand and Suraiya : 99 Years Of A Unfullfilled LoveStory

Love Surpasses Time

Dev Anand’s Unfulfilled Love Story With Suraiya on the Anniversary of His Death

Dev Anand reinvented the Hindi film business during the course of an incredible career that lasted more than five decades. He also delivered ground-breaking performances in movies and tv shows, including Guide, Hum Dono, Kala Bazar, and others. The late actor achieved several remarkable achievements in his career, but his personal life also included some heartbreaking heartbreaks. His unsuccessful romance with the late actress Suraiya was among these setbacks. It was one of the most intense love stories that ended in failure.

Let’s take a look at the romance between Dev Anand and Suraiya on the occasion of his 99th death anniversary.

The relationship between Dev and Suraiya has all the makings of a Hollywood film, including love, romance, hatred, and a terrible conclusion. So how did this all start? It all began in the late 1940s when Dev had only appeared in a few movies but had already made an impact on viewers. Suraiya, on the other hand, had already made a name for herself as a popular actress and singer. She charmed Dev with her beauty and modest attitude. During the production of their debut film, Vidya, directed by Girish Trivedi, he grew closer to her.

The well-known actor previously expressed in an interview how much he loved Suraiya. Suraiya and I fell in love when we started working together, he claimed. She was a very sweet child who radiates friendliness and warmth. Despite being a well-known star, she didn’t have an attitude about her. I had a deep, abiding love for her. My first love at the time, it was quite intense when I was young. As soon as he saved her from an accident during the shooting, their love grew immensely. In an interview, Suraiya remembered that while she was filming in a boat, it overturned and she was on the verge of drowning. She would not have survived if Dev’s power to ensure had not occurred.

However, religious prejudice turned its attention to this love story. Due to the fact that Dev was not a Muslim, Suraiya’s grandma could not accept him. Mumtaz Begum, Suraiya’s mother, encouraged the pair, but it did not work in their favor. Dev and Suraiya tragically split apart after being heartbroken. Dev later wed Kalpana Kartik, whilst Suraiya remained single.