Digivijay Singh’s statement is equal to Congress embarrassment

Congress leader with controversies, Digvijay Singh

Congress leader with controversies, Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh being a senior Congress leader is a man of statements in the world of India polity. There are numerous statements that out of his own will uttered by him, embarrassed his party. Still, he is not a man who learns any lesson from his own oral deeds.

The historical Indian party does keep distancing it from Diggi Raja’s statement, however it cannot affort to take any action against the non-stop leader.

The latest in the list of Diggi domain of statements is what he said about the surgical strike. Digvijay Singh hogged the limelight again with this statement – ”Till date, no information about the Pulwama attack was presented in the Parliament nor placed before the public. They talk about the surgical strike that we killed so many people, but there is no evidence, they are ruling only by lying.”

Another one by him over the female apparel belonged to the opportunity caught by his opponents. Digvijay Singh said in a program organized in Bhopal in the year 2021, ”PM Modi impresses only those women whose age is more than 40 years, not the girls wearing jeans.”

Hindu terrorism is another such epitome.  Digvijay Singh said in the year 2016, ‘Hindutva is not a word, nor do I believe in Hindutva.’ In this statement, he also mentioned ‘Hindu terrorism’. Later said, ‘I did not say Hindu terrorism, I said Sangh terrorism’

Digvijay Singh also addressed terrorist Osama with Ji. The senior Congress leader in one of his statements had once addressed terrorist Osama bin Laden as ‘Osama Ji’. There was a lot of controversy over this statement too.

‘Sau taka tanch maal‘ -an unforgettable sentence is also attached with Diggi Raja’s name. He called Meenakshi Natarajan, a woman leader of his own party,-sau taka taka tanch maal. There was a lot of uproar on his statement and the Congress was also targeted.

‘Two centers of power could not work’ saying so Digvijay Singh has been targeting the opposition. But even during the UPA government, he has given many controversial statements. In an interview given to a TV channel, he said, ‘The two centers of power (then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi) cannot function properly. This system needs to be changed in future.”

– Threat on Hemant Karkare’s life: Digvijay Singh claimed in one of his statements that a few hours before the Mumbai terror attack, police officer Hemant Karkare had received threat calls. His life was in danger. Digvijay Sin claimed that he also had the recording of the conversation with Hemant Karkare.

‘Batla House encounter was fake’: Digvijay Singh had also termed the Batla House encounter as fake.