Five JDU leaders merge with BJP in Maipur

Guwahati. Nitish Kumar’s close aides did not rethink twice before joining the BJP. This is another  blow to the Janta Dal United by its now arch rival, Bharatiya Janata Party.

A total number of six MLS were representing so far the JDU in Manipur but now remains only one. The five party MLAs have shifted their to the BJP camp entrusting their trust upon the largest Indian political party.

This move was in fact seen just after a week when Nitish Kumar announced its decision of cutting ties with Modi’s party. Though the news might not have shocked the JDU supremo, however it’s BJP’s political gain over his party.

The ruling party now has a total number of thirty seven MLAs in the North Eastern state. A statement from the state assembly revealed the good news for the BJP as lesson to JDU after breaking off the alliance with the party for the second time in almost a decade’s time.