Gujarat Exit Poll 2022: Who Will Have The Upper Hand ?

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022 now predicts about the political party who has the upper hand in the state paving way to victory in the Assembly.

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022:  Voting is finally over in Gujarat after the second and the final phase of voting. In the first phase 89 seats and in the second phase, 93 seats in 14 districts of Gujarat have gone though the voting today. Thus, after the voting on a total of 182 seats requires 92 seats for a political party to form a majority government in the state.

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022: With the completion of voting for both the phases of Gujarat assembly elections, everyone’s eyes are now on the final result. Before the results come to the fore on December 8, many TV news channels have gone through their own exit polls to predict who can get how many seats in Gujarat and whose government is likely to be formed.

Here is what we see in accordance with the ABP C- voter Exit Polls 2022:

(Gujarat South exit poll prediction by ABP C-Voter)

The Vote Share among the parties:

BJP- 48%
AAP – 27%
Congress – 23%
Others- 2%

Number of seats prediction for the parties:

BJP- 24-28
AAP – 1-3
Congress – 4-8
Others- 0-2

Now going through the Republic P-MARQ Exit Polls 2022 here is what we see.

Number of seats prediction for the parties:

BJP- 128-148
Congress – 30-42
AAP – 6-13
What were the results of the last assembly elections

In the 2017 Gujarat assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power by winning ninety nine seats out of the total one hundred and eighty two seats. Thus the Congress had won seventy seven seats there five years back.