Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls : Congress far ahead in the race, ‘Riwaaz’ remains intact

Himachal Pradesh Exit Polls display a majority to Congress in Himachal Pradesh, making it difficult for the BJP to change ‘riwaaz’ as earlier claimed by the saffron party in the state!

Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll: Congress seems to be getting 30 to 40 seats, whereas the BJP appears to get 24-34 seats. Talk about the Aam Aadmi Party, it does not seem to be winning any seat.

Himachal Pradesh Exit Poll: The exit poll of Himachal Pradesh assembly elections shows a direct contest between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress. Nevertheless, in the midst of a tough fight, a slight edge is being predicted for the Congress.

According to the exit poll of Aaj Tak-Axis My India, Congress is getting 44 percent, BJP 42 percent and Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is getting only 2 percent vote share.

The other side of the picture indicates the Congress getting 30 to 40 seats. The BJP seems to get 24-34 seats, whereas the Aam Aadmi Party does not seem to be able to win any seat.

Going with News 24-Today Chanakya exit polls, there seems a close fight between BJP and Congress in Himachal Pradesh. Just one percent vote shift may shift the political direction of the state. Nevertheless, the victory of the independents may make the contest in the hill state more interesting.

(News 24-Today Chanakya Predictions)

BJP – 33 seats

Congress – 33 seats

Others- 02 seats

As per the survey of Times Now-ETG, BJP may once again make a comeback in the state.

(Times Now-ETG Predictions)

BJP- 34-42 seats

Congress – 24-32 seats

Others – 1-3 seat

Going by the exit poll survey of ABP-C Voter, the BJP and Congress look locking horns strongly where the BJP seems to be getting an edge.

(ABP-C Voter Predictions)

BJP – 33 to 41 seats
Congress – 24 to 32 seats
Others – 0-4 seats
Republic-P Mark

Looking at the survey of Republic-P Mark, BJP seems again returning to power in the hill state.

(ABP-C Voter Predictions)

BJP- 34-39 seats
Congress- 28-33 seats
AAP – 0-1 seat
Others – 1-4 seats

As per the exit poll survey of Jan Ki Baat, the indications show the BJP getting 32 to 40 seats whereas Congress may be getting 27 to 34 seats.

For forming the government in Himachal Pradesh 35 out of 68 seats are required. Five years ago during the assembly elections, the BJP had gotten 48.79 percent votes and the Congress had 41.6 percent vote share.