India welcomes its new CSD: Lt General Anil Chauhan

A Fresh Start In The Office Of CDS

The significance of the advent of  Lt General Anil Chauhan is that he was the commandant of the historical Indian surgical strike on Pakistan.

Lt General Anil Chauhan has been offered the responsibility of India’s news Chief of Defense Staff. It is the award to his successful execution of the Balakot operation which is infamously known by Pakistan as Indian surgical strike.

As per the defence ministry, Lt General Anil Chauhan will also functionas Secretary to Government of India for the Department of Military Affairs.

Thegovernment appointment of Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan as India’s next Chief of Defence Staff after General Vipin Rawat has lots of significance behind it.

Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan is an alumnus of the Lieutenant General Anil Chauhan National Defence Academy, X, and Dehradun Indian Military Academy.

Fourty years ago he was first commissioned into 11 Gorkha Rifles forIndian Army’s Gorkha regiment of the Indian Army In the year 1981.

During the rank of Major General, Lt General Anil Chauhan was oversear for an Baramulla Division Infantry for the Northern Command’s sensitive area. Then he was given the responsibility of commanding a corps in the northeast while being responsible for them  as a lieutenant general.

Then three years ago September 2019 brought his  retirement day from the service while he was serving as the Eastern Command General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.