Internal Security Situation Review by Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired a high level meeting of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) with the officer from across the country in New Delhi today and reviewed the internal security situation of the country.

The meeting held extensive discussions on various issues related to national security, including counter terrorism, threats from extremism, cyber security related issues, border related aspects and threats from cross border elements to the integrity and stability of the nation.

The Union Home Minister said that the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to ensure the security of the nation by strengthening all aspects of security and in the last 8 years, many important steps have been taken to strengthen the internal security of the country.

Admiring the role of the IB, the Union Home Minister said that the IB has made a very important contribution in maintaining peace in the country, since independence anonymously without any success.



”Our fight is with terrorism as well as its support system, unless we fight strictly against both of them, the victory over terrorism cannot be achieved,” pointed out the Home Minister.

Amit Shah also stressed on the need to further strengthen the process of information sharing and enhancing liaison between counter-terrorism and anti-drug agencies of the states. He said that there is a need to dismantle the financial and logistical support system of Left Wing Extremism to control it.

”We also have to make the country’s coastal security impenetrable, for this we should keep a close eye on even the smallest and most isolated port” says Amit Shah.

The grave negative impact of narcotics was also mentioned by the Union Home Minister.  Maintaining the strict vigil over it, Amit Shah said that Narcotics not only ruins the young generation of the country but the money earned from it, also affects the internal security of the country and that is the reason, we have to work together for its complete destruction. Shah said that we have to make maximum use of anti-drone technology to prevent drug trafficking from across the border through drones.