‘‘Let us fight terrorism worldwide!’’: Modi’s call to Interpol

''Let us eliminate all heavens of terrorism around the world'' says PM Modi

Keeping the target of defeating terrorism worldwide on, is the Indian Prime Minister’s call to Interpol. Modi was addressing the Interpol general assembly today.

After a gap of two and a half decade, now for the first time India is witnessing Interpol general assembly session. In India it was last held in the year 1997.

PM Modi along with Indian Home Minister Amit Shah were present at the 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi.

The Interpol general assembly was attended by by delegations from 195 member countries. Various ministers, police chiefs of the countries, many heads of national and central bureaus along with several senior police officers were also present as the overseas representation in the session.

Addressing the inaugural gathering of the General Assembly PM Modi said “This is time to look ahead simultaneously looking at the past, we have to proceed as a global family. Indian Vedas say let noble thoughts come from all directions and this nation also believes in global cooperation for the efforts towards global elevation. ” Modi said at the inauguration of the Interpol general assembly.

Emphasizing on the present global challenge of terrorism, Modi called for the mutual unity on fighting it. And then ‘‘Let us fight terrorism worldwide!’’ was Modi’s clear call to Interpol