Modi’s Diplomacia: 10X3 diplomatic outreach model for the nation

Through the plan India is going to strengthen its roots globally

The newly conceptualized diplomatic outreach model of Modi government is the new global talk of the town. The model is based on the sensitive threads of Indian diplomacy with its friends, foes and admirers.

The Modi government plans India’s diplomatic outreach with the objectives based on the motherland’s interests. The significance also belongs to its time frame as decided by the government. The national objectives in accordance with the plan is going meet  in the next ten weeks and also in the next ten months and then in the next ten years.

As per the well-thought plan India is to engage smallest of the countries in Africa, Caribbean along with South-East Asia. This certainly will help India’s outreach in the United Nations as well since all of these countries have a vote in the UN.

India in the plan will give secondary priority to concentrating on big economic and military powers but the priority will go to the small nations.