Nation Must! : Now New Necessity for News-TV

This is a must for Television. The visual media will have to air ‘national interest’ content everyday for thirty minutes.

The new guidelines have now been effective from this week itself. November 09 on the television news channels have to follow the new instruction of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. The I&B officials say that the channels will be given time to conceptualise such content for broadcasting.

I&B Secretary, Apurva Chandra says, “Consulting with various broadcasters along with other stakeholders, the ministry is to issue soon  a specific advisory related to the telecast time slot for creating such content with the date of its implementation.”

With the approval of the Union Cabinet, the ‘Guidelines for Downlinking and Uplinking of News Channels in India, 2022’, are going to become obligatory for TV news to telecast content in the interest of the nation and public.

The guidelines being effective from the 9th of November, I&B Ministry officials say that the news channels will be given time for conceptualizing and create such a content.