Pakistani Twitter account is withheld in India

Twitter has withheld the prime Pakistani account with legal reasons

The global social media platform Twitter has taken down Pakistan government’s account in India. And they also have a valid reason to do so.

The reason behind withholding Government of Pakistan account in India has been clarified by Twitter as a legal requirement.

In the year 2022 India was the second country to asking the platform users’ information and also was among the top five countries who  issue content-blocking instructions to the Twitter.

The withholding of the Pakistani account transpired today only with the micro-blogging website’s clarification that the move was an outcome of a legal demand by the Centre.

In the later half of the year 2021, Twitter received 326 legal demands requesting to block content which were being posted by accounts of various news companies and verified journalists.

Out of these 225, around 114 came from India which accounted for over a third of total blocking orders. These orders were given by  Nations like India, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey, Russia and Pakistan being the top four demanding so to Twitter.