Planes’ Plant by PM Modi: Foundation stone laid in Gujrat

Modi maintains the nation is strong only when the army is strong

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lays foundation stone of Gujarat plant for C-295 planes.

With an aim to modernise the IAF fleet, the government plans for the C-295 planes manufacturing will be in accordance with the Made in India drive. Thus the planes will be manufactured in Gujrat facility.

Significantly, this will be for the first time when C-295 planes would be manufactured outside Europe.

For a manufacturing facility of the Tata-Airbus consortium PM Modi today on 30th of October 2022 laid the foundation stone which is going to be India’s first aircraft manufacturing facility in the private sector.

This initiative has been pitched as a crucial step towards self-reliance“ or Atmanirbharta”. The C-295 aircrafts aim to modernize the IAF fleet and for this ambitious plan a total of 21,935 crore rupees have been spared for the cost of the project.

A collaboration between Spain-based Airbus Defenze & Space and Tata Advanced Systems Limited brought the existence of the facility. In 2021 India had sealed the deal worth about 21,000 crore rupees for 56 C-295 plane with Airbus Defense and Space.

As per the deal the first 16 planes are going to be delivered from Spain following that the rest forty aircrafts then will be manufactured at the Vadodara facility.