Rajnath stings Pakistan: Next PoK, Gilgit-Baltistan!

India’s August 5 mission will be over when Gilgit-Baltistan, PoK reunite with Hindustan. This is the statement of Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh which will further terrorize the terror factory called Pakistan.

This is not it, Indian Defense Minister raised questions over the role played by human rights groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

Today the fear of Pakistan has been finally voiced from the horse’s mouth. Calling Indian Army as “the greatest army in the world”, Rajnath Singh clearly says the mission is still incomplete and will only be completed with full integration of J&K. The process has begun with August 05, now next targets are Gilgit-Baltistan and areas of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Then only India will have a reunited Jammu and Kashmir.

Referring to the resolution passed by Parliament on retrieving PoK in the year 1994, the Indian Defense Minister stated that “We feel the pain of residents of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, they have long been facing atrocities and violation of their rights by Pakistan. On this side of the border Ladakh and Kashmir are set on a new path of prosperity and development after the historical August 5, 2019 declaration by Modi government. This should be considered just as the beginning. The mission will not be completed until Gilgit Baltistan and areas of PoK do not get reunited with India. And also, India will see to it that justice is delivered to the refugees of 1947 with their land and homes back. This day is not too far away.”