Repercussion on the American Act: India with a big NO for the US trade group

Just a couple of days ago America has cleared FMS for Pakistan with opening gates again on another huge financial support for the nation known as the Global Terror Factory.

Comprehending the hints, India was mulling over reacting on the development. Now the reaction is loud and clear proving India’s unfailing commitment towards its safety and sovereignty.

The new news says India has opted out of trade talks being organized by a US-led group of Asian nations.

The IPEF (Indo Pacific Economic Framework) is an initiative originated by the President Joe Biden’s administration itself aims at deepening ties with Asian nations. The efforts are made in the Trade Group through various issues including trade, supply chains, tax, and climate change.

India’s commerce ministry displays its reluctance finding it of not much use. The Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal stated that  the benefits to India are still unclear here from the trade commitments.

Picture on the issues pertaining to the environment, labor and digital trade is still not very clear, he added.