‘Respect Soveregnty, China!’ : Jaishankar at SCO

This was another respectable one from the Indian External Affairs Minister. And this time the message was to China.

Politely says Jaishankar’s ‘respect sovereignty’ which is a clear message to China from India.

Though the EAM did not refer to any country during his remark at the SCO summit, still India has been opposing China’s BRI project. The reason is well understood, the key part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor goes through the PoK.

Jaishankar also underlines India’s aspiration for “better connectivity in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization region which is built on centrality of interests of Central Asian countries.

As such some things go without saying in neighborly political relationship, countries do external activities with the mutual agreement. This is the basic well understood understanding. But Chinese intend against India is crystal clear that is why this expectation will not less than be a folly.

Nevertheless, the connectivity projects in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) region should concentrate on the combined interests of the Central Asian states respecting their territorial integrity and sovereignty. This is what tried to sound the Indian Foreign Minister.