Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: More mystery – more revelations, POLICE FILES 6,600-Page Charge Sheet

The Delhi Police submitted its chargesheet on Tuesday. Within 75 days, the 6,636-page chargesheet was submitted

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: A new update

In the Shraddha Walkar Murder Case, the lady who was killed and dismembered by her boyfriend, the Delhi Police submitted its chargesheet on Tuesday. Appreciative on the part of the police, within 75 days, the 6,636-page chargesheet was submitted.

The accused, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, opposed the chargesheet being delivered to his current attorney, claiming he intended to get a new one. 100 witnesses and a combination of forensic and electronic evidence are allegedly included in the chargesheet in this case.

Aaftab was introduced by video conference before the court. His legal guardianship has been extended to February 7th.

Shraddha Walkar murder case: Murder Mystery

Before the authorities, Aaftab Poonawala admitted to killing his live-in spouse Shraddha and dismembering her body into 35 parts. In May of last year, he stored the body parts in a refrigerator at his Mehrauli home before disposing of them over a period of days in a bush.

The charge sheet will include remains found in Chhatarpur’s forests as well as the DNA analysis that determined the remains belonged to Shraddha Walkar. Two DNA analyses had established that the bones found in South Delhi jungles belonged to Walkar.

Aftab Poonawala’s confession and the results of the narcotics test are also presented, According to the prosecution, Poonawala’s police confession would not have been sufficient to get a conviction.

After the Delhi Police detained Aaftab on November 12 of last year, the shocking revelations of Walkar’s murder rocked the entire country. According to the autopsy report on Shraddha Walkar’s bones, her body was cut into 35 pieces with a tool like a saw.

The crucial development occurred when 13 decomposing body parts, large pieces of bones, were found in the south Delhi jungles. In his confession, Aaftab admitted to killing the woman during an altercation because he and she had been at odds ever since relocating to Delhi.

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A saw, numerous knives, and numerous other tools have also been found by Delhi Police in the apartment where Walkar was killed last year.

When a friend told Walkar’s father, Vikas Madan Walkar, that he hadn’t heard from her in at least two months, the murder came to light. Shraddha’s social media accounts were also exploited by Aaftab for months to give the appearance that she was still alive.