Sisodiya’s allegation: ‘‘CBI officer committed suicide, was compelled to frame me’‘

AAP is known for its allegations and now this is the newest of them all. The Deputy Chief Minister says the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officer died committing suicide since he was being compelled to frame me.

CM Kejriwal’s closest aide, Sisodiya hints towards the suspicious death of a CBI officer who happened to be a deputy legal advisor. The deceased identified as Jitendra Kumar has last week allegedly been died by suicide at his south Delhi residence. And this is the police version so far.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia in his latest sensational claim said the CBI officer died by suicide after he was pressurized to frame me in fake case. He also added that why is this so that officers are excessively being in pressure.

As per the police version, they received a call at at the Defence Colony police station on the Thursday 01 September 2022 evening informing about a man found hanging which fetched attention of the crime team and then they ran to the spot immediately.

The police was informed through the call at around 6.45 am last Thursday about a man found hanging, and a crime team, along with a forensic mobile team, reached immediately to the spot. The spot was surrounded with the people and there the dead body was found to be belonging to a deputy legal advisor working with the CBI, identified as Jitendra Kumar. Thus, to the police it obviously looked a suicide case.