ED Chief Continues for one more year: Another Admiration For The Epitome Of Excellence

The impactful persona of the ED boss speaks volumes about his caliber

 The government on Thursday extended the tenure of Director of Enforcement Directorate, Sanjay Kumar Mishra by one year.

IRS Sanjay Kumar Mishra was appointed as Director of the Enforcement Directorate for a period of 2 years by an order on November 19, 2018. Later, on November 13, 2020, the government, by an order the appointment, modified retrospectively his term of 2 years and replaced it  by three years.

This is the third extension of the 1984 batch Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer of the Income Tax (IT) cadre.

Through the new letter by the the Appointment Committee of of the Cabinet, the government has accepted extension in tenure of Mr Sanjay Kumar Mishra, as Director of Enforcement in the Enforcement Directorate for a period of one year beyond 18.11.2022 i.e. upto 18.11.2023 or until further whichever is earlier.

His third extension is the epitome of the commendable caliber with a significant tenure of Sanjay Kumar Mishra.  Keeping in view, the excellence in his performance and his services along with the benchmark created by him, the government expects more out of his impactful journey of the service for the country.

Indeed, this is due to the ED supremo’s unprecedented and a successfully active performance, now the ED is well known in the country and even more important than the CBI itself today for the Government and the country.

Last Sunday on 13th of November 2022 the government issued 2 ordinances thereby entrusting powers to extend the tenure of the ED Directors and the CBI up to 3 years following the mandated term of 2 years.