‘Welcome India!’ : The Visa Bounty By the British County

The United Kingdom is offering three thousand visas to Indians, as per the new reports from the Immigration department of UK.

UK has always been showing its amity to India special post PM Modi arrival eight years back. Now with the Rishi Sunak governance the policies are expected to be smoother for India. This is one such epitome from the UK with hopes to go hands in hands now on fabulously.

Indians proving their ability and efficiency around the world are now being invited willingly by the overseas destinations to utilize their potential. Talk about the United Kingdom, there are various sectors with most job potential for Indians to go grab the visa.

The UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership (MMP) is now showing its resultants colors in favor of the Indian.  The new visa scheme signed last year is going to formally be launched in the next couple of months in early 2023.

The hospitality, construction, as well as manufacturing sectors are facing labor shortages in the United Kingdom which are currently inviting the work force from India.

Undergoing a massive labor shortage, the United Kingdom also compels the Rishi Sunak government has to give a nod to the new youth mobility partnership scheme. The scheme offers visa to as many as three thousand young professionals from India who could live and work in the UK every year.

PM Sunak launched the scheme as part of the UK’s Indo-Pacific focus during the Bali G20 Summit. This was the venue where a couple of days ago he met PM Modi for the first time after becoming the UK PM. The scheme was signed as part of the UK-India Mobility and Migration partnership in 2021 which is now going to be formally launched next year in early 2023.

PM Sunak holds that he is aware of the first-hand the incredible value of the deep cultural as well as historic ties Britain has with India.