Will two million employees leave their job in the next three years?

The employees with caliber would opt for better other than surrendering to stagnancy

This is too shocking if really happens so. A report reveals that over 2 million employees are expected to quit their job by 2025.

The talent exodus report also tell many things which are generally ignored by both – the employees and the employers.

The reports hint at the things which are actually expected by the employees from the employers. For the employees a raise in pay is not always everything they look for. This is what makes it significant for employers to know that there are other things also, other than money, what is mostly wanted by the employees.

This is also to keep in view that more than five million people today work in India’s $227 billion IT industry whereas the Indian IT sector is the globally the biggest employment generator sector.

The report also fetches people’s attention towards the quitting of jobs by employees as a new trend where we witness lots of joblessness in India. The reason it show behind leaving their well-paying jobs is the opportunities and search for jobs with better flexibility, career growth and employee value proposition.

It also suggests the companies to recognize the qualities of their employees because as per the findings one third of the of employees believe that they do not feel valued as a member of the company which is the reason of their disillusionment from their work and the company simultaneously.