World Population Clock goes 8 Billion : We are now a BIG FAMILY!

Officially the World’s population has hit 8 billion mark and now the netizens have a lot to comment with memes.

When the clock came to calendar on November 15, 2022 the global population hit  8 billion officially in accordance with the UN. India after China, is so far the largest contributor to the milestone, adding 177 million individuals and then to be true, the projection of China’s contribution is to be in the negative, says the United Nations.

Now with world’s population officially hitting 8 billions, the netizens got a chance to say a lot with their memes.

Not too shocking, India is also expected to get the Chinese population lagged behind by next year, thus becoming the world’s most populous nation. The UNFPA says,  “Ihe largest contributor to the 177 million or 8 billion global people0, is going to soon surpass China.

Now China was the second largest contributor with 73 million  people will certainly be going to contribute to the next billion with negative adding, but India is sure going to be the world’s most populous nation till the year 2023,”

With the breaking of this not too good news, the netizens gave the milestone a meme treatment while the Twitter was seen absolutely flooded with comical reactions.

If we have a look at some of the memes, here:

According to the United Nations, it took around two years for the human population to reach from 7 billion to 8 billion mark. Nevertheless, the next billion, is going to take 14 and a half years, and that year is going to be 2037. And then the population is going to hit 10.4 billion sometime in the year 2080 which will be expected to remain the same level bye the year 2100.