Morning Tea with Bharat Express: One last chance can change your story.

Have you ever realized that trying one more time finally after giving up may prove to be the big hit?

Life is an abundant opportunity for chances. Let us all utilize it to the max. Certainly going for one last chance can increase the chances of success every time you give up.

But in the grounds of reality what usually happens that we never bother for going an extra mile away. We explore the possibility of success out of our efforts as long as we can persist. But the moment we find there is no more possibility of achieving the target, we give up. This is where we need to rethink.

Here re-thinking shows that we believe we have more chances to achieve what we wanted. More chances are the outcome of our commitment and the will at the same time. Will for doing justice to our commitment is the main motivational factor. Let us keep this will high which in turn will keep or moral high. That is what is needed for reaching almost to success.

Reaching almost to success is the land mark basically we are trying for. Just right there after one step lies the success awaiting our arrival. But we do not see the process in this manner. We intend to stop when we are tired. The moment we think we are tired we give up, and the journey to the point of success then ends right there. Have you crossed this particular point crossing your limits?

Think over and over again. May be this is the reason you have encountered the failure many times in your life. But the beauty about life is clearly visible at this point that it gives you one more chance and one more chance again after that. This is the journey towards success with enjoying abundant number of chances. And this journey is life.

Look at this picture of failure other way round. May be it is the destiny which is trying you. They say first deserve then desire. Do we expect us to be deserving before desiring? No, because this is how the common people are. But remember, to do extra ordinary you have to be extra ordinary. And in the same manner to be extraordinary you have to do extra ordinary.

Here, the point of failure says you do not deserve. Why don’t you prove it wrong. Prove it wrong with one more effort. Even if it is going to be the last effort by you following you actual last effort. But this is where may be the secret of success lies. Go for it. I am sure six out of ten times you are going to make it. Amen.