A New Society Should Have New Set Of Rules

A woman shatters into hundreds of pieces of glass.

A 1961 release ‘Hindustani’ had a famous song whose lyrics were “‘छोड़ो कल की बातें, कल की बात पुरानी” (Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein Kal Ki Baat Purani) gives us the inspiration to change with time.

We people have come a long way from the era of ‘Typewriters’ to now in the era of ‘Computers’ and during that changing a lot of things within us as well as around us. During all the changes taking place we might have forgotten to change some old habits.

We bringing change to those habits will actually not only be beneficial for us but also keep us up to date with the current world.

As Diwali was around the corner a heart-breaking incident took place in the Patrakarpuram area of Lucknow. A Lady Doctor was seen demolishing the art and artifacts made by the poor potters who set up a small stall outside her house. The reason behind all this was just that they were sitting right in front of her Eye Dazzling Bungalow.

This was not the first time that stalls were put up on that place even prior to this many a times different stalls were setup there. Then what might have flamed the rage in this women to act in such a way? All of the social media was flooded with sympathies towards the poor potteries who faced the loss.

Now, there are a few questions to be asked.

1 Many Such stalls and flea markets take place and not just on this very street of lucknow but across India and not only this time , it takes place since ages, so what exactly happened that day?

2 Don’t the people rescinding in the area buy things from those stalls and the flea markets?

3 Does the government have no clue about all this?

4 The thing that makes us wonder is when everyone knows everything so why suddenly such a opposition to such small stalls and flea markets?

5 If such flea markets or weekly markets are illegal why isn’t any action taken against it.

6 If these markets take place after a permission of the authority then aren’t the people who authorize such permits aware of the problems faced by the residents of that locality?

7 After everything whose problem should it be the Law authorities, the residents or the traffic?

We have very often noticed that people rescinding in the locality may or may not buy things from the stalls it’s up to them, but they many a times get in a feud over these markets.

These markets are being setup since many years but with time came development and these poor people still kept on managing the sales of their good in the way possible but then it started becoming a problem for both the residents and the vendors.

As now in this era of development there are lots of automobiles on the street with less parking facility which then blocks the roads and then these markets cause’s trouble to not only the commuters and the ones who are buying but also to the residents.

Such flea markets are there since forever, it does not face any troubles in the Rural areas the major troubles are in the Urban areas as these are kind of black spot on the beauty of the houses and workplaces as per the urban mentality.

These issues were many times dragged to the courts and the hearings and the proceedings keep on going without any solution coming out for either or both of them.

So in order to maintain peace and harmony one of them has to back down doesn’t mean that the poor should as seen every time but still someone should.

Keeping all this in mind the governmental authorities should also find a way that will be beneficial to both the stall vendors and the flea marketers else the incident that took place in lucknow will keep on happening. This is the reason we need to change with time.

People from all social groups should work together to alter things, not just a small group of individuals from one particular community.