Five Golden Rules can give a happy and healthy life

Wellness is all around us which expects humans to be disciplined in life

Even you can also reverse chronic illness, if you could inculcate these five thumb rules into your daily life, says the world renowned wellness coach.

‘‘Very easy to get it done,’’ says Lalit Kapoor the American wellness coach. ‘‘Just remember you have to wake up with the sun, while eating by sunset. Do not hit the gym after dark and don’t let your sleep disturbed. And yes, you also have to eat plant-based whole food’’

Diet and lifestyle coach Lalit M Kapoor is on his India tour who once used to be an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley.

The best thing about him is his own success over life full of chronic diseases through natural ways.

After getting rid of Cancer at the age of thirty four, he tried to understand biochemistry of food along with the science of human body rhythms, he changed his own life style for good and now he is teaching the world about the imperishable wellness out of his own experience.

Now Mr Kapoor through his lecture tour in India, advises a few doable things towards some course correction for the body, health and mind.

The diet and lifestyle coach himself disciplines his life with a regulated and body-building diet plan. Now in the US even after being one of the first-movers of the tech boom, has a successful example of dealing with the brutal reality check of life.