#HeartAttack trends on Twitter – Let’s Get to The Heart of The Matter

#HeartAttack is trending on twitter with tweets of videos where people can be seen collapsing in gyms, at weddings and other places.

What started the trend on twitter  is the incident of a 21-year-old bride who collapsed during the garland exchange on the stage and died in Malihabad, Lucknow. The incident turned from celebration to mourning. The early reports suggested that she died due to a cardiac arrest.

Netizens took to twitter to share videos of similar incidents where people were seen collapsing on camera as a result of suffering from a heart attack.

In recent times celebrities like South Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar, TV actor Siddharth Shukla and most recently TV actor Comedian Raju Srivastav  all died due to heart related ailments.

In the past year heart attack cases have been on an alarming rise and even Sourav Ganguly went through an angioplasty post a heart attack last year.

Late actor Siddharth Shukla was working at the gym last year while he suffered a heart attack much like the many trending videos. Heart Attack is a major lifestyle disease. Puneeth Rajkumar and Siddharth Shukla were fitness freaks and were also an inspiration to many fans for their fitness regime.

The alarming cases of heart attacks the world over might want us to rethink our lifestyle choices and even what we are consuming or following in the name of good health.

 Dr.Dheeksha Sree, M.D. is advising in her tweet that excessive  protein supplements and too much heavy lifting must be avoided.

At a time where any one who is a dedicated gym lover is almost always on protein supplements this advice is something to be noted and taken seriously.

NYS posted this tweet as an attempt to educate people about cardiac arrest and heart attacks.

Another incident where celebrations turned into mourning. The bridesmaid collapsed at a wedding reception and died of a heart attack

Symptoms of a Heart Attack as told by Dr.Dheeksha Sree, M.D. in her very useful educational tweet are as follows:

*Shortness of Breath

*Chest pain

*Tingling or discomfort in arms, jaw, neck, shoulder or back

*Extreme fatigue

*Severe weakness



*Heart-burn feeling

*Cold sweat

Roxette’s famous 1994 song  with the title “ Listen to your heart” is probably the best advice to follow. Stay healthy and let your heart not have to sing Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 song “Total Eclipse of The Heart”.