This Winter Water To Be your Favorite Beverage

This Winter Drink Water Keep yourself hydrated !

This Winter Drink Water Keep yourself hydrated !

Drink Water: Winter season comes with its own rewards and risks. To keep healthy in the winter season, keeping hydrated is a must. Water is not consumed as often since we don’t sweat as much.

Winter season is cold and dry and can dehydrate the system. Since one doesn’t feel thirsty one may not feel it but it’s happening and the body is quenched and needs water.

Drinking water regulates body temperature all year round and keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters.

Yea, go grab that water bottle while I too take a sip.

If you are well hydrated then infections and flu can be kept at bay.

Though, hydrating yourself in any season should not be a boring affair. It can have an interesting twist to it.

Ways to keep hydrated in winters:

*Soups are a great option which is good  for health and keeps one warm too.

*Warm water with honey and lemon or the delicious  are all great options.

*Fruits and vegetables like oranges, tomatoes are not only rich in vitamin -c but also a great source of water.

*Soak sweet dry fruits like anjeer, dates and kishmish in water for absolutely delicious tasting water. Not just that it is also rich in minerals after the dry fruits are soaked in it.

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Things to avoid:

*Piping Hot water baths. Try bathing in warm water. Warm water not only irritates the body but also dehydrates it.

*Alcohol and caffeine intake should be bare minimum.

Winter or summer keep a water bottle at your office desk or in your bag. Keep sipping on it at regular intervals.

 Monitor your water intake and give yourself a reward for having  8 glasses of water a day.

Next time you go to a restaurant, make sure  you order your favourite beverage a glass of h.2o neat and then repeat!