Winter Fashion 2022: Be Fashion Forward with these Styling Trends this Season

It’s that lovely time of the year when there is the chill in the air, warmth in the heart and so much fashion to be explored and flaunted this winter season.

Bharat Express’s Divyaa Kummar had an informal chat with Fashion Stylist and Designer Simran Suri, Founder of South Delhi’s Simran Studio to know the fashion trends and styling tips for Winter 2022.

Simran started with my favourite thing i.e. the colour palette for the season as follows:

Colour Palette for Winter 2022

Burnt Orange, Ocean Blue, Lime, Barbie Pink, Beige, Brown, Mellow Yellow, Elephant Grey.

We are already loving this style season I am sure so are you.

Now coming to the good stuff what are the

Must Haves in Your Wardrobe this Season?

-Breezy Capes and Ponchos

-Corduroy Coordsets

-Maxi Skirts / Maxi Dress with Boots

-Bomber / Puffer Jackets

-Camel Jackets / Coats

-Ankle Boots

-Knits Wear

-Leather Pants / Skirts

-Oversized Outerwear – Sweaters, Sweatshirts , Coats

Now both Simran and I, while having a great interest in fashion, are major advocates for comfort along with fashion. I actually love the fact that she brought it up

“In winters, if there’s one thing that should concern you more than style, it is probably being warm enough . It is important that you start with the right basics.  ”

The Right Basics: Keeping you Warm and Fashionable

Warm thermal, high neck inners including top.

Warm bottom wear for keeping you warm.

Make sure they fit you properly and are comfortable so that you are ready to wear more.

Now that we are all sorted, comfort and warmth wise let’s move onto the more funky stuff.

Simran told us the theme of Winter 2022 is Minimalist Fashion!

 Fashionable Comfort with everything Oversized

You can’t really ignore the comfort that comes with oversized Sweaters and Sweatshirts.

Pro Styling Tip:

It’s not for every event but it can be a stylish and comfortable casual wear option when you pair it up with a messy hair bun and a pair of casual trousers.

Fashion Quotient Must Haves : Long Coats

Long coats are one of the classic pieces that is a must-have for your wardrobe. These can never go out of style .

It can easily be part of your formal wear as well as casual outfit.

Pro Styling Tip:

You can pair it with a sweater of matching or contrasting tones and a pair of trousers or jeans.

Bharat Express Fashion Observation:

Flare Pants are a Winter Favourite too!!


While on one of my ‘check out what’s cool this season’ trips to the market. I also found that the comfort and fashion thing has been taken quite seriously by the Fashionistas too.

Pro Tip

I found so many Flared Pants options and all of them were wollen. So one could wear it directly too and not have to bulk up underneath it.

Simran was quite impressed with my observation and hope you all will enjoy the warmth of the fashionable Flare Pants this season. They are here to stay in a big way!!


Winters are the perfect time to experiment with bulkier shoes, which can provide warmth and comfort and add glam to your appearance.

Boots fit perfectly here and are available in various colours, materials and lengths so you have the option to have one for every outfit.

Pro Styling Tip:

You can pair long boots with mini skirts and a pair of classy leather boots with the trend coat.

You can wear pencil heel boots with a long dress for an edgy and slick look

Bharat Express Fashion Observation:

While chatting with Simran, I brought up the joy of the comfort that

Oversized shoes or Dad Sneakers bring, which are also everywhere this season.

She agreed and said “They aren’t the most beautiful but youngsters seem to have taken to it and the oversized bulky shoes enjoy a cult following of their own. It’s making a lot of boots jealous.”

 Let’s Accessorise:

The Humble and Happening Scarf

A scarf is one of the simplest ways to add style to even a boring outfit.

Pro Styling Tip:

It will add a fashion statement to your look and also keep warm.

It can be teamed up with all kinds of clothing like jackets, turtleneck sweaters, sweatshirts , warmers et al.

The Belt to the Rescue!!

Winter outfits after lots of layering can look pretty bulky, especially for women with shapely bodies. One way to tackle this problem is to add a belt of your choice which will bring the outfit together.

Pro Styling Tip:

A belt will look best on a long coat or cardigan

You can pair a long dress with a belt at the waist for a beautiful

You can put on a nice belt over a woollen blouse , coats , cardigan , dress to create a modern look

Winter 2022 is the season of Minimalist Fashion!!!


Pro Style Tip:

Just wear a high neck warmer with pants or dress and layer it with Trench Coats , Capes , Puffer Jackets. And you are good to go!!

Stay warm and Fashionable this season!

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