Lunch Hour: What matters in Life?

Life is a puzzle in practicality which keeps taming you every time you intend to tame it. Be it our past or present or may be future, nothing goes exactly the way we want them to.

We keep chasing the things which are not always meant to be for us. The time-frame of life is fixed, and we keep wasting most of it into the things that actually do not matter.

Now don’t we really need to know how to find out what matters most. We certainly do. The world we live in is packed with material possessions and are encouraged to go after these things. Resultantly, the needs also keep growing ceaselessly. This is what keeps us running. Still the question is intact, what really matters here.

Life keeps us busy running after better cars, bigger television sets, new smartphones, etc. We also keep running after job promotions or / and luxurious holidays. We consider more money in our bank accounts getting translated into more happiness in life. May be online or offline shopping gives us a short-term satisfaction, but we are well aware of this that it rarely matters in the long run. There are actually many things around us that don’t matter in the end.

Then what is it which can really matter in life? There are certainly many things which we unknowingly keep ignoring, but in fact they do matter a lot.

In other words what really matters is something what really matters in long term. Unfortunately, we keep avoiding their existence being too preoccupied in the materialistic life mechanically.

The most significant fact in life is this that ultimately it is life what matters, nothing else. Anything which is truly connected with life is worth opting for. The materialistic things can be connected with life for time being but they are not a long term buddy of life.

Life means what? Happiness is life and in better words a permanent happiness is actually life. This is why the wise do not chase after materialistic things around. More accumulation is actually the pain in a different kind of botheration. Many more clothes, smart shoes, tech gadgets, better and a house full of luxury still ask for more. How long you really can keep chasing the endless desire?

This is why not the matter but the emotion matters in life. And the root of emotions are relations and that happiness coming out of the emotions related to our loved ones are the things what really matter in life.