Happy World Kindness Day!

Here’s bringing you many different, fun and thoughtful ways to be kinder each day. 

13th November is World Kindness Day and this year the theme is ‘Be Kind Whenever Possible’.

 “Kindness Is Free, Sprinkle It Everywhere” says Louise Pistole, Best selling author of Discover Your Joy.

We couldn’t agree more with her and to help you sprinkle kindness wherever you go; Here are some simple, touching, thoughtful and fun ideas you can use this Kindness day and whenever and as often as you like.

Be kind, Start with yourself.

Happiness and kindness begin at home so start with yourself. Focus on self-care. Talk kindly to yourself, be gentle, eat nourishing foods, do some aroma or massage therapy. Have your favorite healthy drink. Just be kind to your soul, body and mind. Let’s treat ourselves like someone we love.

Thank you!  The greatest word ever invented, let’s use it more often.

Let’s make a habit of thanking the many nameless and faceless people who continue to make our lives better. Those who come and provide us services at our doorstep like the garbage collector, delivery persons, courier person let’s make it a habit to thank them each time. Let’s also always ask them for a glass of water. It will make their day better and the smile you will receive in return will make you feel like a million bucks.

Be courteous, when using public conveniences.

It is a sign of kindness and even a basic human quality to leave a public convenience in a neat and clean manner after having used it. It is a real turn off to enter a public washroom that hasn’t been used with courtesy. It is at the end of the day for ‘Public’ usage and we must leave it for the next person like we would prefer to find it.  It will be great for maintenance and the next person will thank you for being so civil and hygienic with your usage of it. It will also contribute to the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Talk to plants, feed the animals.

All of life is the exchange of energy. All living beings are constantly communicating. We all can do with more sprinkling of kindness and love in our lives. So if you have plants or if not then you can always go to a park next door and talk to the plants lovingly. Science has proven how plants respond to positive sounds and words. You might want to hug a tree, I do it quite often. It’s quite therapeutic and you don’t have to wait around for someone if you need a hug.

Humans have forgotten that the world doesn’t just belong to them alone. Let’s show some love to our animal family too. So even if you have pets please see if you would like to feed some stray dogs, cats , cows or even birds. It will come back to you in ways you can’t even imagine. Animals are very generous, unconditional and expressive with their love. It will make your day and the blessings will forever stay.

Start a compliment chain

Compliment complete strangers and see their reaction. The smiles on their faces will be priceless. If they thank you, just ask to pay it forward. Make it a regular feature. People love receiving compliments, so don’t feel shy. Let me start right here. If you are reading this, you matter and thank you for being kind enough to give us your time and interest.

Show some appreciation to the men and women in uniform.

The many men and women around us that protect and serve us deserve our appreciation today and everyday. Whether it’s the cop at the traffic signal, the police patrolling staff, the security officials at the metro station, the guards in your colony or office or even at the mall. These people do hard and thankless jobs that make our lives better. Take a moment to greet them or casually smile or simply say thank you to them for the good work they are doing. They deserve to be told they make a difference. Plus they will be pleasantly surprised. Go ahead, make their day, everyday!

Call up or write to the changemakers of your life

There are people who have helped us in toughest times. There are also those who have shaped our lives helping us in making key decisions with their guidance.

Write a thank you letter to your teacher, mentor, friend or old colleague or classmate who has been instrumental in your life. They may or may not currently be an active part of your life but their contribution still activates your life. Express it to them, it’s always so great.

Start a litter or food drive for the day

Start with yourself or get a few people together and start a litter drive just around your block. Make it fun like a game of treasure hunt and even get the colony kids involved. If not just go around yourself and pick up whatever you can and throw it away in the bins. The same can be done with food. You can get a few people together or go solo and give away some food to those who need it. Whatever you can do is good. The act matters not the how and how much? Another tip is that it doesn’t have to remain a one time thing, it’s up to you to make it happen as often as you like.

Make a play date with the local lesser fortunate kids

Whether it’s the cute or naughty kids of the colony dhobi or  or the construction workers. Get them together, put on some music and dance away and play fun learning games. It is so rewarding and more importantly so much fun. Try it with your local bacha party and have ‘that kind’ of party.

Spread the joy at work

Write an appreciative email or card to someone at work. Whether it is your office boy or the colleague who is having a great day. It helps people to know their work is acknowledged and they feel more motivated.

You can also leave anonymous smiley notes on people’s desks to show your appreciation.

Become an Organ Donor

Sign up for organ donation and get whoever else you can to join in. It is easy, simple and can be done at the click of a button online. Let your kindness continue long after you are gone.

End with yourself

Before going to sleep, look in the morning. Congratulate yourself on your kindness and say to the person in the mirror “I love you and I will always be kind to you”.

Kindness doesn’t see when, how or how much. Just do it whenever and see how good you feel.

You may kindly add in the comments some more ways to be kinder each day.

Sprinkle some kindness, achcha hai!!