Lunch Hour: Can umbrella stop the rain?

The question belongs to life with a message for good. And pondering over it leads to the answer as well holding that umbrella can’t stop the rain but can make us stand in the rain.

There are always two things in life being rain and the umbrella. Rain can never be stopped where the umbrella also would not cease to help. These two terms denote the ups and downs of life. And every time when there is something going against our expectation, we have no option left but to go for a damage control. This is where is the umbrella needed.

Upon the question again: Can umbrella stop the rain? It goes well understood that the umbrella cannot stop the rain. The rain cannot be stopped any way, only thing one can do is to find an umbrella to get rid of rain. The umbrella can make us stand in rain since it does help getting away from drenching.

This is the inner confidence which may not bring success but gives us power to face unexpected challenge in life.

True to the core is the fact that all the abilities are hidden within us. Only we need to believe in ourselves and then only we can tap against challenges. In other words, believing in ourselves can only enables us to do the right thing that is within our reach.

Undoubtedly, we live in a beautiful world. Every one under the sun is meant to face the difficulties and come out of them emerging as victorious. In fact any difficulty on our way is supposedly a test in our life which examines our original strength. When we emerge victorious, we pass the test and thus get elevated to higher levels in our life.

The journey this way presents opportunity for us to find new reasons to live. This is how our life really is precious. We must not waste it or let it go in vain. Wasting it is like escaping it in real sense, then it only is a cowardice to do so.