Lunch Hour: Get rid of the pain called insecurity

The constant pain kills the joy of life. This is an omnipresent as well as omnipotent human problem. No matter who you are, there will always be some kindaa insecurity in your life. Good news is this that it is not imperishable, we can overcome this natural problem.

Our insecurities are in a way supportive to us cautioning us to get better in whatever we do or in life in general. The feeling of insecurity is entirely normal for all of us being human.

Though it gets too easy to advise other to stop being insecure, but learning how to overcome insecurities for is actually too challenging. In fact into every aspect of our life insecurities find their way into. We can be easily insecure about how tall we are, how we look, how is our impression over others and things like that.

The prime two reasons for igniting this silly thought are lack of self confidence as well as lack of self esteem. Both are required for good performance and good impression along with the good progress whereas the lacuna of the two invincible elements create an easy damage on everything related to our work with a rise of insecurity. Do not let any bad experience of life haunt your self confidence and in the same manner do not let kill situations your self esteem even after a prolonged series of failures.

Personal insecurity, professional insecurity and relationship insecurities are the three types of insecurities mainly bothering us in life. Personal insecurity is about our personality bothering us about not being too good whereas professional insecurity is about our profession causing the anxiety of loosing our job or failing in our professional endeavors. Same way relationship insecurity is about the complication and being left alone in the relationship or relationships.

All the above three insecurities may be constant in life but they are not permanent. They easily can be removed with efforts. All the three dimensions in life can be worked out at personal, professional and relationship fronts.

The day you find yourself a little neverous, anxious, or hesitant about certain things, you are being trapped in the vicious circle of insecurity. Beware, this fake feeling can consume you gradually and also prevent you from taking advantage of new opportunities in life.

Let me tell you, insecurities do not have any right to rule your life. Only thing we need to know to get rid of these unwanted guests within ourselves, is the reason what causes them and where they come from.

Finding the origin of our insecurity or insecurities, still better understanding of the causes of insecurities certainly can help us move past them.

As per the researches, around forty percent of our happiness comes from our experience in recent life events. And success along with failures have their impact in our life. On one hand success gives us happiness and confidence, failure fills us with self-doubt, negatively and insecurities.

Knowing the life a beautiful amalgam of success and failure, I have just one final formula to get rid of any kindaa insecurity is this that tell yourself – This will also go away !!