Morning Tea with Bharat Express: Begin your day with happiness

Happiness is fuel for life. In fact without happiness life is not worth calling life. In other words happiness is the soul of life which requires us to keep maintaining pace with it every day, no matter what the situation is.

Though modern life style says happiness is the outcome of our materialist fulfilment to the max, nevertheless it is not something one can achieve from out side. Happiness comes from inside being the state of mind which reflects out of our countenance.

The happy state of mind displays the happiness of life which gives us an insight to find delight in everything we do and in everything we look for. Thus the real happiness is within us, not outside us. Then why is it so that people do not appear happy around us?

The reason being the desires do not let us lead a happy life. When the chase for happiness go in vain, one intends to be in grief. People tend to avoid the significance of the things achieved, they blindly run after the things which actually do not matter for long. Happiness is what matters for long, or say for a life time.

Then finding the happiness do not ask you to look outside, but inside. There is a lot within oneself which is more happiness giving than the things one accumulates from outside. That accumulation makes one pay for it more that it deserves. But the natural happiness given by the Providence is something worth living for.

Then let us look good things within us for a real taste of delight. Whatever we have earned, whatever qualities we inherit and whatever good we thing we are the real source of happiness. And yes, this happiness never never ends. This is ceaseless happiness and this is called life, in real sence.