Morning Tea with Bharat Express: Seek what is right for you !

Seeking simplicity and happiness in life through contentment is truly right for everyone

One must seek significance if that is what matters to him.  Though it can vary person to person, still on an individual basis personally, more external pressure, more right or wrong, morality, more desires to be something do lead to suffering.

Let us seek simplicity and happiness in life through contentment. Financial success being a powerful motivator. controls the lives of many. It also chooses occupations. It equally dictates how resources, energy and time are spent. It influences families, schedules and relationships. To many me, it may even become an all-consuming passion leaving end of the day broken people and morality during its wake.

The fact can’t be changed, unfortunately, this is not the greatest call one can have on his lives. Compared to significance, it does intend to fade quickly. Simultaneously while seeking what is right for you, the limitations of success, needs to be considered.

Success is weighed through its flow with the economy. In recent years, the lesson people have learnt is that the financial success is at the mercy of an economy of the nation. And yes, increasingly, it is dependent upon a world economy too. With every time when the downturn of economy is seen, as it always does intend to, so happens with net worth.

This is what is the so called success which ends on the day you die. The same day when you die, all possessions get transferred to someone else quickly. And even if you have already written your will, still the reality is that person will be someone other than you always.

The same way success is never enough. The inmost desires of our soul will never be satisfied by your financial success. Any amount of financial success earned will always leave you wanting more.