New Jersey : Why the Men in Blue always

Team India overloaded with high expectations ahead of T20 World Cup 2022

The blue is for the boys and even if they have not come from Mars, they are sky rocketeers winning the world of cricket and hearts of the fans.

Now they ask – Why is it so that always there the color seen on the Indian cricket team jersey? Why the jersey is still blue?

The above mentioned questioned has arisen following the introduction of new jersey for the Indian cricket team the the Board of Control for Cricket in India.

Ahead of the of the T20I series against Australia the BCCI has just introduced new jersey of the Indian cricket which has a memory shining on it. The memory seen on the new jersey drawing similar features to what the team India was wearing before the 2007 World Cup.

Still there is one difference which appears on it as a lighther shade of blue than the previous one which was a darker shade print.

The reason could be this that probably this is what the  MPL wants. The MPL being the official tool kit sponsor of Team India has been wishing for this since 2020 to remind the fans of the yesteryears during the time  when Indian team wore lighter blue jerseys