A Tremendously Overwhelming Moment at Bharat Jodo Yatra

An overwhelming behaviour of a son towards his mother

Call it a mothers will or call it a wifes wish to fulfil her husbands dream the Party President amid her health issues,gathers up all the strength to show support to Rajiv Gandhi’s Vision And Rahul Gandhi’s Rally  The Ulitmate Bharat Jodo Yatra.

A Non-tiring President of Congress party Joins The Bharat Jodo Yatra. On a relief day from her long term health sickness.

This happens on the very next day of Vijayadashmi when Sonia Gandhi Walks for A short while In the rally.  While walking her shoe laces unfastens which comes into the notice of Rahul Gandhi Who immediately asks her to stop and bows down in front of her to which she is gets emotional knowing that he bowed down to fasten up her shoe Laces.

As the walk continues keeping his mother’s health Rahul Gandhi denies her to walk any further and politely escorts Sonia Gandhi to her vehicle and asks her to take some rest before the addressing of the rally in Ballary city.

Sonia Gandhi also visits Bheemanakolli Temple to offer Prayers for the success of the rally and the vision behind it.

All this gave an emotional wave of Tsunami in the eyes of the party leaders as well as supporters to which they all responded in a very heart warming way.



This kind gesture is seen as a mother son relation, which shows affection, care. People from all over world who are the supporters of congress seem to be mesmerized by the overwhelming behavior of Rahul Gandhi.

Everyone is also overwhelmed to see Sonia Gandhi taking all the extra efforts over looking at her own health.

Congress Leader Shashi Tharoor  says “ Even if she takes a breath , its her blessings that she is passing on  there is no fraction to a mother or her love.