BJP determined to safeguard Delhi Municipal Corporation hopes

(Subodh Jain)

As per the announced resolution, the BJP leadership itself becomes active in order to save the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has not succeeded to bloom a ‘lotus’ in the Delhi Assembly for last two and a half decades and now finally it has decided to come up with full force to keep its fort of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi safe. The resolution has compelled  the national leadership itself to take the command this time with the opinion polls for the selection of candidates. If sources are to be believed, the National Organization General Secretary is himself monitoring the selection process of the candidates this time. Due to which the aspirations of the leaders who claim to get tickets to their favorites can also be ruined.

Internal factionalism is the prime factor

Delhi BJP has not yet gotten over with the internal factionalism.
The Delhi BJP, which is battling with factionalism, is continuously weakening itself despite the cadre efforts. The party does not even have such a strong and popular face, on whose strength it can even claim to conquer Delhi. The reality is also that the Delhi BJP has not been able to defeat Arvind Kejriwal, who is a direct challenger to its national leadership on its own. This is the reason that for the last several months, it was compelled to field its national leaders to be attentive towards the moves of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Candidates will be selected through opinion poll

Now that Team Kejriwal appears to be a challenge to the BJP, in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bastion Gujarat, the national leadership has stepped in to save the fort of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. If party sources are to be believed, before every election, the ruckus of opinion polls was played in front of them to confuse the workers. But when the list of candidates came out, then the story looked different. Nevertheless,  this time the national leadership also took over the command of the opinion polls to avoid any such disturbance.

National leaders to decide the candidates

The command of the opinion gathering has in fact remained in the hands of national leaders. After dividing all the 14 organizational districts of Delhi BJP into two halves, the command of opinion polls in all 28 parts was handed over to the national leaders. In which National General Secretary Vinod Tawde, Dilip Saikia, D Purandeshwari, National Secretary Sunil Deodhar, Arvind Menon, Y Satya Kumar, MP Saroj Pandey, Laxmikant Vajpayee, Kisan Morcha President Rajkumar Chahar, Yuva Morcha President Tejashwi Surya, Minority Front President Jamal Siddiqui, IT Leaders like SAIL chief Amit Malviya and SCST commission chairman Bijay Sonkar were involved.

Report sent to the national General Secretary

Every national leader was accompanied by two leaders of Delhi BJP but only in the capacity of an ally. According to sources, all of them submitted their report to the leadership on Tuesday night, which has been sent to National Organization General Secretary, BL Santosh. Along with this, the names of possible candidates have also been asked from all the MLAs in their constituency.

According to a senior party leader, the election committee of state in-charge, co-in-charge, president, organization general secretary, former presidents will take the final decision to select the candidates. Generally, MPs are also involved in this. But this time instead of including them in the election committee, names of potential candidates can be asked from them like MLAs. It is believed that this time the national leadership itself will take the final decision in the selection of the candidates on the basis of the recommendations received from the organization workers and office bearers.