‘Now Read this, Rahul ji!’ : Fadnavis on Savarkar controversy

The row over Savarkar controversy continues and now Devendra Fadnavis refers to Indira Gandhi, reverts with – ‘Rahul Ji, you now read these!’

The top BJP leader from Maharashtra is now in the scene. Ex Maharashtra CM and present Deputy CM of the state, Devendra Fadnavis brings out a letter which shows the former Congress PM of India, Indira Gandhi praised Veer Savarkar.

In the historical letter, the then PM Indira Gandhi called Savarkar a remarkable son of India. And this is the answer to what Rahul Gandhi has been saying against the the Hindutva ideologue Veer Savarkar backed by BJP.

Devendra Fadnavis not only tweeted over the Savarkar row, also shared the letter written by Indira Gandhi. In his tweet, Fadnavees mentions – “Now read these, Rahul ji!”

A long thread was posted on Twitter by Maharashtra deputy chief minister, attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. This was a reaction over the ongoing Savarkar row which originally was triggered by Rahul Gandhi’s comments on Veer Savarakar.

Fadnavis dragged Indira Gandhi to the debate and posted a forty two year old letter written by her. In his tweet, Fadnavis writes, “Just go through what former prime minister of India, (your grandma)  Indira Gandhi says about Savarkarji. She calls Veer Savarjar ji the pillar of the Indian freedom movement and she also said that he is the remarkable son of India.”

Not only Indira Gandhi, another letter written by Mahatma Gandhi was also shared by Devendra Fadnavis. He asked Rahul Gandhi to read the last lines of the letter where the letter has the same closing as the Savarkar’s letter which was waved by Rahul Gandhi at a press meet on lately saying Savarkar helped the British.