Gopal’s Gandi Baat: Cheap chatter by the chap on PM

The bad-mouthing is a culture learnt by Italia from Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party is going by hook or crook desiring for the power in the Modi state. But the way it is trying to invite people’s attention is ridiculous.

Gopal Italia, one of the Aam Admi Party activists which has been promoted as the party president for the state, has hogged the limelight by abusive language against the Prime Minister.  He immediately got detained also over the accusation of doing so but later got released.

An earlier notice has also been seen issued by the National Commission for Women asking the Aam Admi Party’s Gujarat president to appear for a personal hearing in the Commission’s office on 13 October 2022.

Amid Row over such cheap remarks on the Prime Minister of the country, Gopal Italia clarifies that it is a doctored video being utilized against him.

BJP leaders did not like such personal attack by an AAP activist and the BJP media coordinator Yagnesh Dave came down heavily on Italia. Dave says that this is the culture being reflected by AAP and Italia. He then added, such a person has no right to stay in India who is not ashamed of insulting the prime minister of the country.

The furor on Gopal’s remark was basically against the respect of PM Modi’s mother which makes it even more grave a crime. After the furor on his dirty tongue, he got arrested on Thursday by Delhi police. But after a few hours he again got released by the evening.

This is all due to two old videos of Italia which have been recently surfaced. In one of the two videos Italia is seen criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s politics while using cuss words against his government.