HP Polls 2022: Not easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for any one

The polling for the state elections in Himachal Pradesh witnesses 74% polling as a neck and neck contest in the state.

Significantly for the state the polling going to seventy percent voters reach shows the contest is too tough and any party can come victorious.

Voters did queue up outside polling stations in the hilly state and did a vibrant democratic exercise of their franchise yesterday on 12th of November 2022.

Being neck and neck in HP shows the blitz campaigns did not really come in favor of the strong-holders in the run-up to the Assembly poll. The voter turnout in Himachal Pradesh going around seventy five per cent is in fact lower than the Vidhan Sabha polls of the year 2017 which witnessed 75.57 per cent turnout.

Thus the marginally low voter turnout has left the top two parties assuming about the mood of the voter showing there complete unpredictability over the results.

Looking back at the year 2017, the polling percentage of the Assembly polls being 75.57 does not match the 2012 percentage which was 72.69.

The percentage was expected to increase as the voting continued even after 5 pm with voters awaiting their turns in long queues. This high voter turnout normally hints at an anti-incumbency wave. Thus the ruling BJP may feel a little anxious after having to battle the rebel factor in several constituencies. Vice Versa, For the Congress also the lower turnout obviously must be causing worry.