Kejriwal ‘Guru’ Mantra: ‘‘Work for AAP while staying in BJP”

Rajkot. Honesty is also a trait required for a leader. If the leader is not honest, what kind of honest deliveries  are possible out of him! But some leaders do not care about the morality.

Kejriwal has given his ‘guru’ mantra to the BJP workers in Gujrat. He did not mince any words to present his intentions. The AAP supremo says – ‘‘Stay In BJP, But Work For AAP’’

Gujarat Elections are around the corner which is compelling AAP to go for by hook or crook strategy.  Being the home state, the assembly elections in Gujarat are a matter of prestige for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The polls have been slated to be held in the month of December after three months this year.

Arvind Kejriwal aspiring to be dominant in the state says BJP workers should continue to get paid from their party while working for Aam Admi Party simultaneously “from inside.”

Probably being unaware of the fact, Kejriwal’s appeal may boomrang on him worsening his and his party’s image in the state and the rest of India as well.

The Delhi CM was addressing a press conference in Rajkot during the second day of his visit to poll-bound Gujarat.  He also added in his controversial statement that BJP workers that he guarantees them he will benefit them from all his promises once his party comes to power in Gujrat.