Mamata on Modi: Is it really a surprise comment?

Mamta exonerating Modi out of a sudden, but why?

The deadly anti-Modi Didi is in news due to one of her comments which has been considered as surprising. The words of wisdom might have another meaning within.

Obviously the comment is on PM Modi but the element of surprise is different this time. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee says that many of the people do not know that the CBI does not report to the PMO, rather it reports to the Home Ministry.

Mamata Banerjee also adds into this that a few BJP leaders conspire and keep going to Nizam Palace time and again.

The political circle considers it an exoneration  favor from Mamta to Modi.  So far Mamta sounded too harsh on the issue of businessmen fleeting the country under the radar of investigative agencies.  Now the blame should be directed towards the Union Home Ministery.

The West Bengal CM says – “Businessmen are running away and fleeing from India out of the fear and misuse of ED and CBI. Modi has not done this, I believe.’’