New Chief of Congress Staff: Gehlot, Tharoor or Ambika?

The one who is a natural loyalist of the dynasty, is the natural contender of the top job in the party

Now the high-level tug-of-war in Rajasthan reaches to its second phase casting shadow over Congress presidential poll.

Rajasthan is political stronghold for the historic party. Being one of only two states where the Congress rule exists on its own. Now while Rajasthan polls are due in next 14 months, the situation is getting shadier in the state day by day. The 200-member assembly has 108 Congress MLAs whereas the BJP has only 71 with eight others and thirteen independents.

The tussle between the present Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot and the former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot is now no more a prestige problem but is an issue of the existence. Clearly so far the moves by Gehlot have created such lurking danger on his political head.

The Congress party’s Rajasthan revolt has directly challenged the party highcommand threatening to derail its national plans. This situation with an unprecedented rebellion by Rajasthan lawmakers cast a dark cloud over the party’s on-going presidential election.

, as the top leadership scrambled to contain a spiralling crisis of its own making.

During the last week it was kind of crystal clear that Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot was going to take over as the next president. But for that he had to step down from his current chair. But what followed next sees the party’s future is flux both ways -state wise as well as centrally.

Party observers Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken flew back from the state capital to the Indian capital. What they apprised Sonia Gandhi did upset her. The party president did not like the dissident lawmakers, who reject Sachin Pilot as the state CM. They made clear that they can accept any one but the former deputy CM Sachin Pilot.

Now the Gehlot’s candidature is itself on doldrums with now no assurance for the top job of the party in next month’s internal poll.

Sunday evening MLAs’ meeting had to be cancelled following the threat of resignation by almost ninety. They said they were going to resign if they didn’t get to pick Gehlot’s successor.

Now situation is tensed on the highest ladder of the party sensing the revolt as a blackmail and none of the rebellions would be pardoned directly or indirectly. Not only that the mastermind will also have to suffer the music if not today, then tomorrow.

Pawan Bansal and Ambika Soni has also presented their candidature for the top job of the party. Though they seem to be specially invited by the high command for the ‘formality’ polls. Now there are only three options left being the top contender of the top job of the party. Tharoor, Gehlot and Soni.

Gehlot is almost not in the race any more whereas Tharoor is not a natural choice of the party bosses –hence Ambika Soni is the only personality who deems fit for the highest responsibility.

Therefore if not finally Rahul Gandhi again is imposed upon the head of the party as the Party Head, Ambika Soni is the final possibility to be seen on the chair of Congress President.