Nitish Kumar’s campaign: A wanna be PM behind opposition unity

Nitish Kumar starts cherishing his dream now pragmatically and openly. Becoming India’s Prime Minister now seems easier to him.

Kicking of the opposition unity campaign Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, is preparing for the 2024 with his own well-known ambition. After meeting Rahul Gandhi next is Arvind Kejriwal in his list.

The list can carry on to Mamta Banerjee and Akhilesh Yadav as well but none appears to be in his support for the top job at the moment. Discussing  the prevailing political situation in the country JDU supremo, Nitish requested Rahul Gandhi to support his campaign towards strengthening the unity of the opposition.

It was so far the first meeting between Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi after quitting the NDA alliance in Bihar. Known as Paltu Ram otherwise, Nitish has come to Delhi with a heavy list of tasks and at Tughlak Road the first task is now done , he is done meeting Rahul.

As per the information the discussion between the two leaders was entirely on 2024 which ‘solely’ was to unite the opposition. Now Nitish is making sure to keep uttering the same sentences time and again – I am not interested to become Prime Minister. Same he did after meeting with Rahul Gandhi to media.